From photography to illustration - our gallery aims to represent a wide variety of visual storytellers from Cape Town.

Check out the artists on exhibit at Kelvin Corner Gallery. Including artworks from past and present exhibitions. 


DIGITAL - on show from the 18th July to the 14th of August. 
From traditional to digital. How do different artists find inspiration and begin to create work?

You can't automate creativity.
You can't predetermine the end product.
You need to make mistakes along the way to get to your final product.

Come join us for the opening of Digital - a showcase of work by a collective of local digital artists.

Featuring artwork by: Karl Brudvig, Ilhaam Salie, Jasmine Hawkins, Shannon van Schalkwyk, Charlie Martinson, Jordan Ashlee Schiffer, Wade Werthiem & Margot Blm

Margot Blm

Guru Jords

Shannon Van Schalkwyk

Charlie Martinson

Jasmine Hawkins

Karl Brudvig

Wade Wertheim

Ilhaam Salie