About Us

What is Kelvin Corner?


Providing a variety of flexible solutions to accommodate entrepeneurs & creative professionals, Kelvin Corner incorporates a shared work space, offices, workshop, creative studios, art gallery, cafe, and event space. 

Our Story

Kelvin Corner was dreamt up two years ago by Film Technicians, Rusty Ruthven, and Rob Weidner. After months of searching for an office space for their own company, they realized in order to find the space they needed, they would have to create it themselves.
Kelvin Corner is a flexible work-space geared towards entrepeneurs & creators of all kinds; artists, photographers, freelance creatives, editors, writers, and the list continues. By including spaces such as a Video Editing Suite, Photographic Studio, Podcast Recording Room and Gear Servicing Lab, Kelvin Corner aims to give creators space and freedom to create.

Come see what we have been up to.