Wade Wertheim | Digital Artist

Wade Wertheim is currently on show at Kelvin Corner Gallery as a part of the group show, Digital. 

Artist Statement:

"Expression and understanding have always played a huge impact on my artwork. Whether or not someone could understand or feel what my art says and tries to convey plays a huge role in choosing what I draw and when I draw it.

While I have no specific way of choosing exactly what art I do and when. I always maintain the ideal to draw what I feel or draw the thoughts that most occupy my mind. This helps me draw things that feel more natural and give my works of art a less “forced” feel.

My current works of art consist mostly of developing my own unique style and characters. As it is right now I would call my art style cartoony which I prefer due to how expressive I can be using this style.

Recently I have been dabbling in tattoo designing and more digital arts as I’ve mostly been a traditional artist till now."

 For more information please contact gallery@kelvincorner.com. 
The artworks displayed below are collaborative works created by Wade and Anda Mncayi.

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