Shannon Van Schalkwyk | Digital Artist

Shannon Van Schalkwyk is currently on show at Kelvin Corner Gallery as a part of the group show, Digital. 

Artist Statement:

"At this time, I see myself as an artist and a designer. I’ve always been drawn to the idea of using creativity to solve a problem/ fill a need or want in the world. With design, you are never only creating for yourself. With the pieces I do create for myself, the aim is to always learn something new by experimenting. This, in turn, aids me when I create for others. I like staying new and fresh, never wanting to be stuck in something, whether it is an art style or a state of mind. I want to continue to work on staying open, experimenting, changing, and
expanding the walls of the norm.

In my personal art, you will often see female, feminine, or genderless characters and creatures. They are usually in the form of (or a mix between), a god/goddess or demon. You will often see horns. Horns have a very deep meaning to me. In the art, they symbolize power, magic/supernatural, and the duality of good and evil. The horns represent someone who is connected to the divine, growing in awareness and becoming transparent by working on the reality within themselves, causing the horns (the inner, deep-rooted “ugly”) to emerge. From here, it starts dissolving, purifying the inner mind and matter. The ugliness within emerges and dissolves, no longer trapped in the subconscious, where it continues to cause harm.

The external appearance of someone makes no difference. There is no shape, form, colour, sound, outfit, hairstyle, race, etc., that is more “spiritual” than the other. No outward reality can cleanse or define the inner."


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